Which ALEVE® is right for you?

ALEVE® is clinically proven to last up to 12 hours with just 1 caplet or liquid gel capsule. ALEVE® provides fast and effective relief of pain such as arthritis and pain of inflammation. ALEVE® also relieves joint and body pain, muscular ache, backache, headaches and migraine pain.

Available in 24ct, 50ct, 100ct, 125ct
(soft grip), 200ct and 250ct.
Available in 125ct.
The contoured bottle fits comfortably in your hand and the Soft Grip® cap is covered with a cushioned material to help give you extra traction. Just one quick twist and it's open.
Available in 20ct, 40ct, 80ct and 160ct.
If you live in the province of Quebec, please ask your pharmacist for ALEVE®.